Meditation is a technique to quiet the thoughts of the mind.


Meditation is a technique by which there is an attempt to reduce the number of thoughts, until the mind becomes silent and thoughtless and merges with the all-pervading Witness Consciousness. The frenetic pace of people in this society leads to an unsettled mind, which is constantly engaged in thoughts and activities, mostly without purpose. We actually pride ourselves in multi-tasking! Instead, all of us, every day of our lives, should practice being in quite repose, devoid of the distractions of music, entertainment, and the pervasive technology which constantly demands our attention. The mind will inevitably rebel against this technique because the ego wants to appropriate the mind and control us instead of the other way about.

There is no failure in meditation. Fear of failure is the first thought that occurs to every practitioner in the initial stages since we all have problems controlling the incessant thoughts which occupy the mind. Gradually and progressively the distance between one thought and the next increases by milliseconds until the silence between the thoughts become longer and longer. The mind becomes quiet and reposeful.

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