Tirun Gopal MD, FACOG, DAy, Acup.


“My main motive is to improve the physical and mental health of all those who come under my care through a better understanding of their mind and body.”

~ Tirun Gopal

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Recent Articles

The Light of Knowledge

Most of us visit a place of worship, be it church, temple, mosque etc. Most of these places have candles or lamps which light up the image of the Lord.

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I am not this body!

In this physical body of mine, I have the “I” sense. In everything else other than the physical body, I have the “this” or “that” sense. It is clear that “I” am separate from “this” or “that”. Indeed, I never identify myself with any “this” or “that”, because I am the subject and anything which is “this” or “that” is an object.

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